Building up Legion Armies

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Building up Legion Armies Empty Building up Legion Armies

Post  Chee Soo on Thu Feb 11, 2010 10:32 am

Had an idea for building big legion armies.
Any feedback appreciated.
Each day legion members donate say 500 resources to one player to build a decent army.
members 25x500 resource = 12500 resources
day 2: donate resources to next player
day 3: donate to next playnoyed with keep building armieser
day 4: etc.....

In 25 days all legion members have decent army!

day 26: donate 1000 resources to first player
day 27: donate to next player, etc....

Players must have enough food production to support new army!!!!

I got annoyed builing armies 5 troops at a time.

This system will only work if the legions communicate well and support/defend each other.

Each legion should have its own section on forum to help with this.

What do you think Valkyries?
Chee Soo.

Chee Soo

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Building up Legion Armies Empty Re: Building up Legion Armies

Post  Admin on Thu Feb 11, 2010 9:49 pm

Hiya Chee, good idea, but I think that may not be applicable to a lot of the ppl.. because.. a few ppl will not be ready to receive such resource boost (warehse n granary nt enough) and also.. some may not know what to do with the extra troops.. Surprised..

I suggest doing it differently.. First we find someone who's confident of being able to utilize the troops (plundering arnd, etc etc).. lets say we choose you Chee Soo..

Then what happens is we find whoever in the same Legion, who are willing to help you out first, but you need to return it later on.. I'm thinking that if then we have 10 ppl who wants to help you, they can all send you resource x 1000..

So you use that to build up, and then plundering arnd, etc.. 5 days later you start paying back to the 10 ppl who helped you.. Maybe on Day 3 you send the first guy resources x 4000 (is that too much? too little?).. Then on Day 4 you send the 2nd guy resources x 4000 and so on and so on..

The idea is that you get pumped up first.. then after that you will b able to plunder and really boost your resource income, etc.. so then you help out those that helped you in the beginning..

Of course once you reach the last day and then once you helped out everybody who helped u in the beginning, the whole process can be restarted again, etc.. but with more resources..

Just saying my 2 cents..

That way the experience player like yourself will get a boost and can grow faster.. while the others will also gain (they give 1000x and receive back 3000x or 4000x in a few days time)..

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Building up Legion Armies Empty Re: Building up Legion Armies

Post  YenZhe on Fri Feb 12, 2010 1:44 am

Thoughts on the idea above?

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Building up Legion Armies Empty Re: Building up Legion Armies

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