Newbies Pay attention READ THIS!

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Newbies Pay attention READ THIS! Empty Newbies Pay attention READ THIS!

Post  Karnak on Tue Feb 09, 2010 12:08 pm

Lord Karnak says,

During BP you do quests.. one of these is to use Emperors Order... it is a very nice item that enhances your building, resources and other things...

***** WARNING *****

It runs out in 3 Days.. mine did JUST after BP ended... BE Aware you will lose the +25% increase to FOOD production!!!

For me that was over 100 food and hour! I had to upgrade 3 farms from lvl 5 to lvl 6!! it took HOURS to do this and thousands of resources!! luckily i had plenty of FOOD!

Do NOT max your population with soldiers in Emperors orders you will lose food like MAD..

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