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Post  YenZhe on Tue Feb 09, 2010 1:48 am

Just a tip, one of the best way I've seen so far to gain experience for your hero and or to get resources is to do the Faction Quests..

Basically, there are two types of quests that I've seen so far.

One are Quests that gives your hero reputation. Usually you just have to send your hero to have a dialogue, duel, etc. Gives your hero a good amt of experience and just a few minutes of away time.

Another are Quests that gives you resources. You will have to send in your hero, along with troops, depending on the type of quests. Your hero won't gain experiences, but you will gain resources. So basically, its just like Plundering~! Only, you will know first hand how much resources you will get, and you will NOT lose any troops at all!! =)

I find this to be an excellent way to build up your resources while still in BP, don't neglect to do them!

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