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Post  AndyGould on Tue Feb 16, 2010 9:04 am

Let's talk about winning in the battle arena.

So far, I have been able to do alright, probably had about 55-60% wins over the week which got me around 350 fame. The key is to go for the people with low win %s. Although, it's not always a good indicator, because usually after a while most people have around 50%. Also, it's important to focus on one thing, for instance, I have decent damage output, but I got absolutely ruined by a person who had incredible dodge and hit reduction.

Even if you think that it's not for you, it can be worth it to plug it out for a couple of days to get some of the fame rewards. They can be very very good. I've traded in for one first class merit and I got a +30 damage sword with +7 strike in duel. It is ridiculous.

So, share your tips and tricks and lets have some battle arena success.

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Battle Arena: Challenges Empty Re: Battle Arena: Challenges

Post  XiahouDe on Tue Feb 16, 2010 9:55 am

The Wolf weapons, mainly the 1st class merit battle arena ones, are one of the best items you can get. I've managed to keep my hero within the top 150 just by picking the right challenges. Unless you have a significant level advantage, always duel an opponent several times first to work out if you can win and what the chance of it happening is. If you want to keep a high ranking, avoid just challenging anyone. Also, picking the right abilities is crucial. I personally use Counter, Strike and Precision, all of which are passive and therefore don't waste a turn. The other useful ones seem to be Empower, Windfury and Smash (Possibly a few more than do stuns/high damage when they proc). The rest are relatively worthless.

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