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An Aggressive SHU Strategy Empty An Aggressive SHU Strategy

Post  YenZhe on Fri Feb 12, 2010 12:46 pm

Hiya folks.. just wanted to share some experiences of how the past day has been for me, as a SHU player who just came out of BP.. I read and heard a lot about how SHU players should be aggressive right from the start..

Personally, I was a bit lost at the beginning.. how aggressive should I be? my food output is minus! what to do! keep building troops? stop plundering? etc etc... but hey I went through with it and so far it's been a blast.. here's how I've been working my "plundering" strat, maybe the other SHU players can help me out if I did anything wrong.. and hopefully we can all learn and grow =D...

I have no idea how things work with WU and or WEI.. but with SHU.. Militias are just so ... cheap... Surprised Surprised love them to death~! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

----------WARNING - LOOOOONNNNNG POST AHEAD!!--------------

First thing first, coming out of BP, I had about 200 or so Militias and my food output was at -50/H or so.. I thought that was plenty troops.. and I was honestly quite nervous about the negative food output.. but hey, at least I got the "Evil Gentry" achievement!! But now to think of it.. I think ALL Shu players are Evil Gentry!! hmmm haha..

So anyway.. off I went.. and I send two waves out to nearby Sheeps around me.. cities with 0 population.. you can see the results of that initial attack in this thread..

Now that really gave me confidence.. and I started hitting people further away from me..

An Aggressive SHU Strategy Br_day10

wooot~! now as time goes on.. I learnt a thing or two.. so here's how I do it, hopefully the newer players can learn from this, n let me know if I'm doin anything wrong..

1. Don't be afraid of going under.. wayyyyyy under the hourly food output..

An Aggressive SHU Strategy Pictur10

If you look at that screenshot, it shows two things. One is that I'm currently -400F/H... I heard from anther experience player (forgot who.. Chee Soo or GhostWar, sorry I forgot which one) that he played SHU before and his food output was -2000F/H~!!! That's hardcore..!!

2. And another is that I have 9 waves currently.. 8 is being deployed and 1 is coming back already.. each of my waves are about 50-60 Militias each.. depending on how much resource Im calculating I will get.. If it's a 0 pop I just send 55.. If it's a 0 pop with some big cities arnd it, then I send 30-40.. haha.. I dun want to waste my militias because chances are high that those sheep has been hit by the bigger cities arnd them.. If you see a patch of land with a lot of 0 pop.. thank your lucky star and start PLUNDERINGGGG Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

3. Basically you have to balance out the food output that is minus.. My granary now has abt 10K food.. so I can calculate roughly that at -500.. it will take about 20 hours for my granary to totally run out of food.. what that means is that every 20 hours or so.. I will have to send out my troops to plunder.. plenty of time..

4. You need to calculate how much resources you can probably get.. but I almost always get 800 each (rarely do I get less, for some reason.. lucky me).. so if you average that out.. if you can send out your army 3-4 times each day, that will be (3-4) * 800 resources * (how many waves you've got).. As your army grow, your can then use them to get even more resources! grow grow grow!

5. When you send out troops to plunder, the time depends.. everybody has their own limit or preferences here, but so far I have not sent out troops further away than 1.5 hours (one way).. that means 3 hours 2way.. That may seem excessive but the point is that I do not want to have my militia staying home to defend because their defense really really sux anyway.. this is indeed dangerous, but I now have my own unit of defensive troops that stays home to defend (XBowmen + Lancer)..

6. I also always just send out my Messengers, because.. I want my Hero to keep leveling up through Faction Quests..

7. Those 0 pop cities (lets call them Sheep from now on.. BAAAAA) have their resources maxed at 800 which is why you cant get more even if you send 100 militias or even more.. you need to make a list, because once you hit them, you don't want to hit them again in the next 2 days.. let them build up their resources until they are maxed then you hit them again and loot it all! Now it really depends how active you are n how much time you have of course.. for me, looking out for Sheep that are 1.5 hours away are plenty so thats enuff for me.. if you are more active you can always just keep finding more n more.. Surprised... Right now I have abt 50 cities on my list Very Happy I have them divided into time, I try to send out my waves 2 to 3 times a day..

8. Now of course.. you don't want to have your army consists of only Militias.. I like to think of them as a special kind of "resources".. n then you start building up your actual army (I suggest start with Pike.. for defense.. you don't want to plunder all that resources only to have them plundered back.. Surprised) I'm sure all this free resources wont last forever.. so I'm using the extra boost to build up my resource fields..

9. Be careful with your food.. I keep that in mind all the time, and currently I kept my Resource Packs (Food) just in case I need them all of a sudden.. If my food goes to zero, I will lose 400 troops in an hour! Surprised Now you may think that sooner or later, you dont want all that Militias.. and yes I thought so too.. so I'm using them to plunder arnd now but later on.. I can still use them for attacking.. just send a whole big wave of Militia to clear the path for our 2nd wave!! Let those peasants die!! dunno la thats my plan but we'll see how Razz Razz

10. Sometimes you get things like this...

An Aggressive SHU Strategy Hit310

Oooppppsss apparently I was overzealous n hit a player instead.. but here now I look at the guy and see.. 55 pop~!? He probably played a few days, then decided its not for him.. so instead of backing out I decided to.. send another wave.. because I lost some Militias already! His defense is now gone... so why not make the best of it! This time, send more troops so I can loot more! wkwkwkkk


All righties, this is long enuff as it is.. Hope you enjoyed it.. got any new tips do share with me.. got questions ask away.. Smile

How feasible is this strategy in WU or WEI? Dunno.. u gotta ask those who have playd those before..

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