Earning free Gold.

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Earning free Gold. Empty Earning free Gold.

Post  XiahouDe on Thu Feb 11, 2010 6:29 am

This can be done relatively easy through surveys, takes a bit of messing around to get large amounts however. Anyone who hasn't bought any gold will still have the God-Given Treasure in their Treasury. Now this contains a Token of Motivation which will up the league limit by 5 people and even earning free gold through surveys allows you to open it.

Steps for getting free gold:

1. Click on purchase on the game screen
2. Under payment options select 'Pay by mobile and earn free golds'
3. Where it has All, Free, Survey of the Day etc, click on Free
4. Go for one of the ones that only needs you to register for an account (Haven't tried many of the download ones)
5. Sign up with fake details (You do need a valid e-mail address though, so if you have a webmail account you don't use, put that in)
6. Confirm your account using the link on the e-mail you'll get.
7. You should get your gold to your account within an hour or so.
8. You can then open the God-Given Treasure and donate the Token of Motivation to the league. (Will up our member limit by 5, it also has some other nice stuff in it)

Worked for me (I created loads of yahoo e-mail accounts and signed up for things several times. Very Happy), I managed to buy enough Tribute Tokens for free to get me to Viscount.

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Earning free Gold. Empty holy crap-o-la

Post  YenZhe on Thu Feb 11, 2010 7:36 am

whoa that roxx.. will try it out later dude.. v cool~!! Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool

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